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Year 2

06/29/2018 #26 The World Awoke

The world sighed, And the children cried, And the parents died, Even though they tried Something had died inside. As politicians lied, In comments cruel and snide, Their brains were fried . The world turned, And the cities burned, No soldiers returned, And nothing was learned Because history was spurned, As stomachs churned, No one yearned, Or was concerned, For everyone’s senses had been adjourned. The world awoke When the Truth was spoke, Hatred and jealousy was something to revoke. The life and liberty would begin to uncloak, No fire, no smoke, Only opened minds and goodly folk, Survived the days when neighbors would provoke. And the people healed what was once broke. © 2018 Gerald Ealy

06/22/2018 #25 The Heart of the Betrayer

Beware the heart of the betrayer, They whisper their tale so sweet. You must not believe what they tell you, It’s nothing but lies and deceit.   Beware the heart of the betrayer, The problem you see is so real, They wrap themselves within you, And twist all the ways that you feel. You won’t see is coming, You have no defense, You can’t find a reason, For why you’re so tense, Suspicion will grow And the faces you know, Will change from day to day. Your own thoughts betray you, The lies somehow seem true, But in your heart the truth fades away Beware the heart of the betrayer, The mirror reflects your face, You cannot hide from the betrayer inside, The betrayer has taken your place. You struggle to hold on so dearly, You almost can see who you were, The betrayer holds on so tightly, Your life before now a blur.   © 2018 Gerald Ealy

06/15/2018 #24 Measure For Measure

Measure for measure, I cannot count, The ways my heart beats for you. Measure for measure, day in and out, I only know what is true. That when I hold you my heart skips a beat, I feel that spark whenever we meet. Measure for measure, you cannot know, How you fill my days. Measure for measure, I die when you go, You complete me in so many ways. Your kisses are heaven, Your touch a delight. I need here with me, Every night. Measure for measure, I cannot delay, Nor deny the way that I feel Measure for measure, there’s so much to say, I know that this love is for real. Say that you’ll stay, Say you feel it too, Say that your heart is full, And that this love is true. © 2018 Gerald Ealy

06/08/2018 #23 Eliot the Ocelet

Elliot the ocelot, lived it the jungle, And slept a lot. But he had a problem, And the problem was snot. He was allergic to cats you see, And that’s was he was, Unfortunately. Snot on his paws, And snot in his tail, He tried to clean it, And he’d always fail. When he slept, he’d blow bubbles, Which would pop on his face. He would sneeze and blow snot, All over the place. His whiskers were sticky, And his eyes were sore. His paws were gooey, And would stick to the floor. Elliot was sad as an ocelot could be, So he slept and blew bubbles, High in a tree. One morning he woke up and he was inside, The biggest snot bubble, Almost four feet wide. He pushed with his paws, But it did not break, Just then he realized, He made a mistake. The bubble rolled forward And Elliot yowled. Some animals had gathered, And he fell toward the crowd. Just then he stopped falling, And floated in the air. He yowled again, As the animals starred. Up he rose, With each plaintive cry, He cleared the trees, And flew up in the sky. Elliot was happy that he didn’t fall He was still trying to make sense of it all He blew a cool sigh of relief, And the bubble descended, To his disbelief. He soon discovered that he had control, The he flew his snot bubble too and fro. He landed the bubble as the others came near. He yowled with excitement, And the bubble disappeared. Elliot started to cry because it had been fun, And crying of course made his nose run. A new bubble formed out of his nose, He slipped inside and up, up he rose. He yowled oh so loudly, And the bubble popped. He landed and smiled From is squishy stop. “I want to fly” said a voice from the group.. Elliot was delighted to be part of a troop. His following took rides that Elliot made. They all landed gently in clear jungle glade. With careful instruction each animal flew, And each had great fun, Because they knew what to do. Elliot the ocelot, was no longer a menace because of his snot. He discovered a way to finally belong. Floating the animals above the Amazon. © 2018 Gerald Ealy

06/01/2018 #22 The Distance of Love

What is the distance of love? When your fingers can't reach, Through the space of the breach, When you cannot see their face. Is it infinite or the width of a hair? That space that we share. When we cannot be there, To hold the hand of our love. Though it maybe miles, That separate smiles, The breath of your kiss, Still remains. What is the distance of love? Where the measure is in beats, Of moments so sweet, That their echos can fully sustain. The circle returns me to you. The distance between does not matter, In the hours and miles apart. The space is closed just a quickly. Rejoined just as soon as it starts. What is the distance of love? Those boundaries cannot be measured. The circle cannot be broken, Moments with you are so treasured. Even in time it's unspoken. © 2018 Gerald Ealy  

05/25/2018 #21 Welcome to the new age

Welcome to the new age, where the truth isn't spoken, When the stories are spun, And the system is broken. Welcome to the new age, Where true value is lost, Where agendas are pushed, No matter the cost. Captains of Industry no longer lead, Justice is hemorrhaging and can't stop the bleed. Talk is now cheaper and action is vain, The same mistakes are made again and again. Welcome to the new age, Where the youth can't connect, Who lack clear judgment, Who cannot respect. Welcome to the new age, It's unlike before, We stare at our screens And the world we ignore. Only a few care to keep up the pace, While the cities are crumbling, Losing what can't be replaced. Welcome to the new age, Welcome to the new rage, Welcome to a new page, But still trapped within the same cage. © 2018 Gerald Ealy

05/18/2018 #20 When the Fool Speaks

When the fool speaks, and the court doth follow, The words of ignorance, and substance hollow, Bring folly and woe to those who would pursue, And judgement for action will soon come due. When the fool speaks, and no other thought heard, When truth is drowned out by the thoughts so absurd, Who is to blame for the downfall that ensues? When will they see the facts of this ruse? Awake! Awake! Have you heard the news? It’s fake! It’s fake! The fool does not amuse! When the fool speaks and his words are repeated, And hearts are quelled and action defeated, The faker casts illusion and blinds to what’s real, The court’s stance changes on what they doth feel. When the fool speaks, and the world changes, What is good and straight his word rearranges. “Folly, oh, Folly”!,  the wiseman cries out. But the court does not heard the wiseman’s shout. “Folly, oh Folly”, the echo remain As the wiseman is silenced and dragged off in chains. The court is false happy and entertained, As the kingdom crumbles to the fool’s light refrain. © 2018 Gerald Ealy

05/11/2018 #19 It’s Time

It’s time, For a heart to heart , A soul to soul, A goal to goal. It’s time, For laughter to spread, To forget what they said, To get out of your head. It’s time, To let faith be regained, Seek shelter from rain, Seek release of pain. It’s time, For joy to be boundless, For anger to be found less, For us to be our best. It’s time, For one last rhyme, To look and find, That you are not out of time, That it’s your moment to shine, That it is better to be kind. It’s time. © 2018 Gerald Ealy

05/04/2018 #18 The Place I’m In

I don’t know how I got to the place I’m in, But I feel like I’m falling I feel like I’m sinking, I don’t know what I’m thinking I don’t know where to begin. I don’t know how I got to the place I’m in, But I can’t find the wall, I can’t find the wall, I feel so small, When did I commit a sin? The further down I go, The less and less I know, I have nothing left to show, But I haven’t hit bottom yet, Through the blood and tears and sweat. The fearsome fight I’ve fled, Can be traced back from where I bled, Did I leave myself for dead? I don’t know how I got to the place I’m in, But I can’t stop this aching, Is this all from my making? This trip that I’m taking, Never seems to end. I can’t find the wall, And I can’t find the floor, And I’m falling some more. I don’t know how I got to the place I’m in, But I can’t give up trying, Am I falling or flying? There can be no denying, That my soul is on the mend. I don’t need a floor, I am out the door. I don’t need a wall, It’s a soar , not a fall. A new perspective defines what to believe, I’m not bound but I’m free. It doesn’t matter how I got to the place I’m in A new change won’t define me. There are no chains that bind me. Now I am shining. There is no other place I want to be. © 2018 Gerald Ealy

04/27/2018 #17 My Hidden Monster

You cannot see the monster, eating me alive, It’s found a place to hide itself, buried deep inside. It spends its days devouring, Hopes and dreams, and luck. I’ve tried to pry it loose from me, But it seem that it is stuck. Cemented there by anger, It holds fast with strands of hate. Burying deeper through jealousy, My darkness sealed my fate. It drinks in all the happiness, And feeds off all my fears. It quenches its thirst so often now, From the flow of steady tears. Each time I try to get away, It trips me and I fall, So here I lay helplessly, Just staring at the wall. Someday someone will find me, But the real me will be left hollow,. Only the shell of me will remain, And the crumbs of my life to follow. © 2018 Gerald Ealy

04/20/2018 #16 One Bear Too Many

A bear walked along and he found a cave “Oh joy!” said the bear “now I won’t be cold” The bear settled in his eyes began to close. Along came a second bear, who spied the cave. “Oh boy!” said the bear, as he danced and raved. But a voice from the dark said, “NO WAY!” “That’s one bear too many, now be on your way.” “But,” said the second bear, “It will be cold soon.” “Can you not move a little and make some more room?” “Alright,” said the first bear, “I’ll share with a bear.” And the first bear nudged over and they made quite a pair.  Bear number three was up in a tree and tired of swaying all day He slid down to the cave he saw from above. “Got room for one more,” he said with a shove. The pair in the cave shouted, “That’s one bear too many, now be on your way.” “Oh really!” said the third bear as he backed his way in. The other bears grumbled, for the space was quite thin.  “Hey you, that’s rude! Just to push your way in!” said the second bear sternly. “The trees make me dizzy, swaying to and fro, I saw you get in, so I thought – that’s where I’ll go”. “Alright,” said the first bear, “There’s room on the ledge up there” “Thank you!” “You’re welcome; I’ll share with a bear.” Bears kept on finding the cave through the night, One scared a camper and brought his flashlight. The wind blew harder and the night grew very cold. The bears huddled together in the flashlight’s soft glow. Not four bears or five bears made their way there that night Now ten bears were packed in there, but there was no fight. There were bears on ledges and bears on the floor. The first bear said finally, “There’s no room for more!” “That’s one bear too many! And the others agreed, and then one bear in the pile said, “I have to sneeze!” “OH NO!” the bears shouted “OH YES!” The bear pleaded. “AH, AH, AHCHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” went the bear which is just what they needed. Bears burst through the wall of the back of the cave. Thud, Oof, Sploosh, were the noises the made. Sploosh? The bears thought, caves do not Sploosh. They looked to the back to figure out things. The cave was now huge and with a hot springs. The bears laughed all together, they soaked in the heat, Each bear was so happy that they chanced to meet. What was once one bear too many was now just right. They all closed their eyes on that cold winter’s night. Not one bear did shiver, they were all cozy warm. And slept as bears do throughout the snow storm. © 2018 Gerald Ealy

04/13/2018 #15 No Eagle’s Cry

I’ve climbed to the top of the mountain, and heard the eagle’s cry. I’ve prayed to gods both dark and light, for answers and reasons why. I’ve seen the world turn more harsh, and the people have lost their senses. I’ve watched the once open spaces, be boarded off with fences. Events foreshadow times ahead, of a great and dark foreboding. Society is a time bomb, That is already exploding. Each act is shrapnel, sticking in our minds. Social media is memory, Recorder of these times. No eagle’s cry or mountain high, Hold the answers to my prayers. No gods above or far below, No angel or demon cares. The noise is getting louder, It invades our  very thought. It blanks our minds completely, We can’t remember what we forgot. We have replaced humanity, With increasing level of insanity. If we would look and plainly see, It’s not too late to break free. © 2018 Gerald Ealy

04/06/2018 #14 At the Top of the Arc

At the top of the arc, you could see for miles, Suspended in air but falling with style. The climb was hard and the descent was easy, With each passing second becoming more breezy. At the top of the arc, you forget the ascension, Weightless from blame, just there in suspension. You don’t see the faces of those you stepped on, You don’t hear their voices, at the top they are gone. At the top of the arc, some stay there for years Maintained by the masses, hope and fears. But then all at once gravity reclaims, Reality takes over and it twists and maims. At the top of the arc, you could do no wrong, Free from the consequence, but never for long. Plunging from such height few rarely survive, But you never again would feel so alive. At the top of the arc, everything‘s far below, You were told all the things you were suppose to know. Those who fell before you became blood on the wall. Because that’s all that is left after the fall. © 2018 Gerald Ealy

03/30/2018 #13 The Last Unicorn

He did not know the pending price, That golden horn was a sacrifice, To all the magic left here on Earth, An age of darkness was given birth. The elves and pixies fled the land So dawned the time , the age of Man. A time of hardened metal came, Wars happened again and again. For when the last light bled from that horn, Peace died with the unicorn. No peace to quiet a doubting mind, No magic left to hold and bind, The wills of men to be good and kind, Though there are a few to find. Tiny pieces of mythology Hold the spark in technology, For a few have touched the light Their empires grew with astounding might. So now the new world holds the key, To bend the shape of reality, Perhaps to take on a whole new form, And bring back the light of the unicorn. The light brings peace to all that see, The light hold truth and sets you free, The unicorn’s horn the focus of light, The world lost its focus, when it lost the light. © 2018 Gerald Ealy

03/23/2018 #12 The Tree of Liberty

The seed was planted by nobel deeds, And fought against the many weeds, Blood and sacrifice and words rang true, The Tree of Liberty stood tall and grew. Day after day and year after year, The tree was attacked out of malice and fear But the roots dug deeper and the branches grew strong The Tree of Liberty shielded us from the hateful and wrong. The battle continues, and the fight it has changed, The enemy of Liberty has become more deranged. They poison and clip at the branches outreached, And some Liberty is lost in that defeat. But the roots hold fast despite the attacks, Liberty will leave them flat on their backs, For when the winds of Truth blow Liberty prevails Each branch becomes a powerful flail. Though pieces may break and fall away, New life in Liberty dawns each day. Stand fast with the Truth, hold on to your rights, Keep Liberty alive with all of your might. If the tree of Liberty falls and darkness descends, There will be no justice, there will be no amends. We must weather the storm that rages at night We must nurture the tree and defend in the fight. © 2018 Gerald Ealy

03/16/2018 #11 The Path

I laid a stone upon the path, And another to start to build it. Each stone was a fate I turn from wrath, Each one was a chance for a new fit. With every stone a choice was made, Some with a wrong direction, Each stone changed and shaped the grade, Each choice a new addition. The years went by stone after stone, The path seemed neverending, When it felt I was alone, The path led to a beginning. I discovered that stones the were the people in my life, That the distance of the path was their strength, the loneliness was the hardship and strife, That was countered by the path’s length. Now is see the path before me And the path I left behind, Each day I add a new stone, With all the friends I find. © 2018 Gerald Ealy

03/09/2018 #10

The Deep

There in the deep, There are things that creep, That have never seen the sun. They float in the middle and crawl on the floor For the deep keeps its darkness and hungers for more There in the deep, You’ll find no cattle or sheep, But thousands eyes will still see you. They blink in the dark and see through the black, For the deep holds untold things that will attack. There in the deep, There are secrets it keeps,  And the dead still tell no tales. The stories remain bound to the grave, Of horror and folly and lives that they gave. The deep remembers, It does not repent. The deep uses lives, as the currency spent. The deep lies far above us. The deep lies also below. The deep lies in dreams with in us. It waits for your life to go. © 2018 Gerald Ealy

03/02/2018 #9 Get Ready Teddy

02/23/2018 #8


Chimera! Chimera! The crowd pointed and shouted, No longer ignored, no longer was doubted, A terrible mix of  animalkind, What mix lives in its  heart? What stirs in its mind? Chimera! Chimera! The head of a lion, Which roared strong and fierce, The tail of a scorpion with poisonous pierce, With the paws of a bear, That rip and tear, What else must lie within? Chimera! Chimera! It’s over there being savage and wild, Take care that it doesn't gobble up your child, How do we defend from such terrible things, Dear Lord, it’s flying, it’s unfurled its wings, Chimera! Chimera! More appeared every day, They shifted their shapes, in different ways Then  something strange happened to the wild beasts, They vanished all at once when once they did feast. Chimera! Chimera! Where did they go? Did I tell you this happened long, long ago? Their natures still surface and violence ensues. They cannot be found behind steel bars of zoos. They didn’t really vanish, don’t tell, now hush. The Chimera transformed and they became us.. © 2018 Gerald Ealy

02/16/2018 #7

Touch the Infinite 

Take flight, take flight! Don’t wait, you must do it tonight, The moon and the stars are shining bright. No fear, no fear! The time has come, the time is near. It time to escape the atmosphere, To float, to float! A celestial boat, And sail to galaxies remote. Quest of the ages. Frontiers unknown. Answer the question, Are we alone? Take flight, take flight! Launch into the night, Watch the Earth sink away from your sight. Write home with discoveries yet to be found, Away from the sky, away from the ground. Traveling in the void with no sound. Away from the noise of Humankind, On an adventure to someday, hopefully find. A chance to become more than body and mind. Behold the Universe and all that’s in it! Obtain an ultimate benefit. Reach out and touch the Infinite. © 2018 Gerald Ealy

02/09/2018 #6


Tempered in rain water, The earth finally gave, The drips of over eons, Hollowed out caves. The water saw places, No human could dream, Slipping between cracks, Disappearing in seams. Forced to the surface, By geysers and quakes, Rivers to oceans, The valleys it makes. The waters recycled again and again, No way of knowing, From beginning to end. The liquid once drank When dinosaurs reigned Now part of the land And coursing in veins. The cycle eternal. The cycle remains. The cycle continues, And does not refrain. From droplets moisture, Falling as rain. From teardrops, Falling from love and from pain, From dew on the leaves, Backlit from the sun, The cycle brings life To everyone.   © 2018 Gerald Ealy

02/02/2018 #5

Beautiful puppy

Beautiful puppy you are so sweet, You wake us up when you want to eat, Your growling-howl noises are really quite neat, As you step on our faces with cold icy feet. Beautiful puppy you love to run, Chasing the old cat because it is fun, It must be how you stay skinny ‘cause you eat a ton, Until you fall asleep basking in the sun. Beautiful puppy we’re so glad we found you, You are so perfect in all that you do, Except when we step in a late midnight poo, Picking up doody is no fun it’s true. Beautiful puppy you’re part of our pack, You’re learning to play fight and attack, You chew on the big dog like she’s a snack. Having personal boundaries is something you lack. Beautiful puppy we welcome you home, To a giant backyard where you’re free to roam, You’re learning how to behave when you’re alone. And you’re every picture on my smartphone. Beautiful puppy you bring us much joy, As you bounce and you play with all of your toys, But that squeaky koala makes far too much noise, It crazy and loud and really annoys. Beautiful puppy sleep through the night, Nibble our faces at morning’s first light, We sure to love you with all of our might. You fit with our family, and fit in just right. © 2018 Gerald Ealy


The Question  #4

What is this stuff we are made of? Are we more than skin and bone? Are our thoughts truly our own? Is there a soul? Is that the goal? To find the answers internal, Through deeds of good and infernal. Are we more than beating hearts? Are we more than the sum of our parts? Is there a chance to pierce the veil, To glimpse a vision of Heaven or Hell? Or is there nothing to see? Only time will tell if there is eternity. Or if the cold ground is the reality.   © 2018 Gerald Ealy

01/19/2018  #3

The Ice King  

The Ice King sat upon his icy throne, No Queen beside him to call his own. For within his chest beat heart of cold stone, And so he sat there all alone. He conquered lands with deadly force, But never found satisfaction in it, of course. His cold and calculating mind, Saw to it that nothing was left behind. Then one day as he viewed his land, A patch of green sprouted in a strand. The Ice King glared at this patch of green, It was like nothing he had seen. He sent his forces to wipe it all out, He relished in the roars and the scream and shouts. But then they stopped and the echoes faded, The silence left him shocked and jaded. He gazed once more upon his land, And the green patch continued to stand. The Ice King sent a bitter wind, But when it arrive it seemed to bend, Around the robust patch of life, It cut the wind like a knife. The Ice King ventured forth, And descended from the North. He resolved to rip it out, As he climbed upon his icy mount. His mount melted away, As he approached the display. Which left him with feelings of dismay. When suddenly music began to play. There in the glen sat all of his men, Listening to the musical score. They quietly clappled and smile and laughed, Happily asked for more. A woman played softly, Such elegant notes, The snow began to retreat. And green sprang up under the Ice King’s feet. Their eyes met through the music, She blushed in his gaze, The Ice King felt something that left him amazed. Warmth in his icy cold heart started to spread, It melted his armor and the crown on his head. Enchanted by beauty and notes all around, He fell to his knees and touched the ground. She started to sing as she approached the king, Her voice, strong and sure. Her face, kind and demure. She invoked in her song, The power to undo all wrongs. She guided the king to his feet. As he basked in her voice so sweet. Just a man and a woman, They danced hand to hand, The frost and the snow melted from the land. The king’s heart beat, like no other man. Love now flourished in every valley and peak. He fell ever deeper, whenever they’d speak. The kingdom too prospered, under king and his mate, Happiness reigned as Love vanquished hate, Music played daily in every room and hall, The ice never returned, because Love conquers all. © 2018 Gerald Ealy

01/12/2018  #2

Beat The Drum Slowly

Beat the drum slowly, So we can keep the pace. There are so many now, Who cannot win the race. Day by day and year by year, There are those who slip into the rear. Beat the drum slowly, So the race become a march. Feed the masses with plenty, Quench the thirst of those that are parched. Drum out the worst we have in this life, Drum out the pain and strife. Drum out the cruelty and open the gate, Drum out this world of hate. Beat the drum slowly, We are catching our second wind. The march is catching on now, It’s all about to begin. Hearts are beating together, Hands join in strong embrace. We stand at the top of the mountain, We are the human race. © 2018 Gerald Ealy



Bring on the lions, Bring on the bears, Bring on the challenges Bring on the scares. I am ready to conquer. I am ready to fight. I am courage incarnate. I am the Light. Cast out all doubting, Cast out all fear, Cast out all failure, Cast out the year. New is the day, New is the might, New is this year, New is the Light. Do not hold back, Do not look back, Do not regret, But do not forget. Learn from the past, Learn from mistakes, Learn from devoting, to whatever it takes. Shine on, Shine in, Shine outward. Begin. © 2018 Gerald Ealy