Year 2


2018 promises to be an adventure in writing. I met the first challenge to write last year. I hope to continue to be inspired.


And then the light went out. Not in the world, but in their hearts. No helping hands or heros, No saviours, only darkness within. No good samaritan. Then the fire started, And the world burned, And the darkness kept the people’s hands Swallowing up their will. Ashes on the window sill. There were shouts and protest, There was blame and fear, And slowly the darkness silenced them And then the light went out. And the world burned. And no one cared. © 2018 Gerald Ealy


There in the deep, There are things that creep, That have never seen the sun. They float in the middle and crawl on the floor For the deep keeps its darkness and hungers for more There in the deep, You’ll find no cattle or sheep, But thousands eyes will still see you. They blink in the dark and see through the black, For the deep holds untold things that will attack. There in the deep, There are secrets it keeps,  And the dead still tell no tales. The stories remain bound to the grave, Of horror and folly and lives that they gave. The deep remembers, It does not repent. The deep uses lives, as the currency spent. The deep lies far above us. The deep lies also below. The deep lies in dreams with in us. It waits for your life to go. © 2018 Gerald Ealy


I laid a stone upon the path, And another to start to build it. Each stone was a fate I turn from wrath, Each one was a chance for a new fit. With every stone a choice was made, Some with a wrong direction, Each stone changed and shaped the grade, Each choice a new addition. The years went by stone after stone, The path seemed neverending, When it felt I was alone, The path led to a beginning. I discovered that stones the were the people in my life, That the distance of the path was their strength, the loneliness was the hardship and strife, That was countered by the path’s length. Now is see the path before me And the path I left behind, Each day I ad a new stone, With all the friends I find. © 2018 Gerald Ealy
© 2018 Gerald Ealy


The seed was planted by nobel deeds, And fought against the many weeds, Blood and sacrifice and words rang true, The Tree of Liberty stood tall and grew. Day after day and year after year, The tree was attacked out of malice and fear But the roots dug deeper and the branches grew strong The Tree of Liberty shielded us from the hateful and wrong. The battle continues, and the fight it has changed, The enemy of Liberty has become more deranged. They poison and clip at the branches outreached, And some Liberty is lost in that defeat. But the roots hold fast despite the attacks, Liberty will leave them flat on their backs, For when the winds of Truth blow Liberty prevails Each branch becomes a powerful flail. Though pieces may break and fall away, New life in Liberty dawns each day. Stand fast with the Truth, hold on to your rights, Keep Liberty alive with all of your might. If the tree of Liberty falls and darkness descends, There will be no justice, there will be no amends. We must weather the storm that rages at night We must nurture the tree and defend in the fight. © 2018 Gerald Ealy


He did not know the pending price, That golden horn was a sacrifice, To all the magic left here on Earth, An age of darkness was given birth. The elves and pixies fled the land So dawned the time , the age of Man. A time of hardened metal came, Wars happened again and again. For when the last light bled from that horn, Peace died with the unicorn. No peace to quiet a doubting mind, No magic left to hold and bind, The wills of men to be good and kind, Though there are a few to find. Tiny pieces of mythology Hold the spark in technology, For a few have touched the light Their empires grew with astounding might. So now the new world holds the key, To bend the shape of reality, Perhaps to take on a whole new form, And bring back the light of the unicorn. The light brings peace to all that see, The light hold truth and sets you free, The unicorn’s horn the focus of light, The world lost its focus, when it lost the light. © 2018 Gerald Ealy