Year 2


2018 promises to be an adventure in writing. I met the first challenge to write last year. I hope to continue to be inspired.


At the top of the arc, you could see for miles, Suspended in air but falling with style. The climb was hard and the descent was easy, With each passing second becoming more breezy. At the top of the arc, you forget the ascension, Weightless from blame, just there in suspension. You don’t see the faces of those you stepped on, You don’t hear their voices, at the top, they are gone. At the top of the arc, some stay there for years Maintained by the masses, hope and fears. But then all at once gravity reclaims, Reality takes over and it twists and maims. At the top of the arc, you could do no wrong, Free from the consequence, but never for long. Plunging from such height few rarely survive, But you never again would feel so alive. At the top of the arc, everything‘s far below, You were told all the things you were suppose to know. Those who fell before you became blood on the wall. Because that’s all that is left after the fall. © 2018 Gerald Ealy


I’ve climbed to the top of the mountain, and heard the eagle’s cry. I’ve prayed to gods both dark and light, for answers and reasons why. I’ve seen the world turn more harsh, and the people have lost their senses. I’ve watched the once open spaces, be boarded off with fences. Events foreshadow times ahead, of a great and dark foreboding. Society is a time bomb, That is already exploding. Each act is shrapnel, sticking in our minds. Social media is memory, Recorder of these times. No eagle’s cry or mountain high, Hold the answers to my prayers. No gods above or far below, No angel or demon cares. The noise is getting louder, It invades our  very thought. It blanks our minds completely, We can’t remember what we forgot. We have replaced humanity, With increasing level of insanity. If we would look and plainly see, It’s not too late to break free. © 2018 Gerald Ealy


A bear walked along and he found a cave “Oh joy!” said the bear “now I won’t be cold” The bear settled in his eyes began to close. Along came a second bear, who spied the cave. “Oh boy!” said the bear, as he danced and raved. But a voice from the dark said, “NO WAY!” “That’s one bear too many, now be on your way.” “But,” said the second bear, “It will be cold soon.” “Can you not move a little and make some more room?” “Alright,” said the first bear, “I’ll share with a bear.” And the first bear nudged over and they made quite a pair.  Bear number three was up in a tree and tired of swaying all day He slid down to the cave he saw from above. “Got room for one more,” he said with a shove. The pair in the cave shouted, “That’s one bear too many, now be on your way.” “Oh really!” said the third bear as he backed his way in. The other bears grumbled, for the space was quite thin.  “Hey you, that’s rude! Just to push your way in!” said the second bear sternly. “The trees make me dizzy, swaying to and fro, I saw you get in, so I thought – that’s where I’ll go”. “Alright,” said the first bear, “There’s room on the ledge up there” “Thank you!” “You’re welcome; I’ll share with a bear.” Bears kept on finding the cave through the night, One scared a camper and brought his flashlight. The wind blew harder and the night grew very cold. The bears huddled together in the flashlight’s soft glow. Not four bears or five bears made their way there that night Now ten bears were packed in there, but there was no fight. There were bears on ledges and bears on the floor. The first bear said finally, “There’s no room for more!” “That’s one bear too many! And the others agreed, and then one bear in the pile said, “I have to sneeze!” “OH NO!” the bears shouted “OH YES!” The bear pleaded. “AH, AH, AHCHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” went the bear,  which is just what they needed. Bears burst through the wall of the back of the cave. Thud, Oof, Sploosh, were the noises the made. Sploosh? The bears thought, caves do not Sploosh. They looked to the back to figure out things. The cave was now huge and with a hot springs. The bears laughed all together, they soaked in the heat, Each bear was so happy that they chanced to meet. What was once one bear too many was now just right. They all closed their eyes on that cold winter’s night. Not one bear did shiver, they were all cozy warm. And slept as bears do throughout the snow storm. © 2018 Gerald Ealy
© 2018 Gerald Ealy


You cannot see the monster, eating me alive, It’s found a place to hide itself, buried deep inside. It spends its days devouring, Hopes and dreams, and luck. I’ve tried to pry it loose from me, But it seem that it is stuck. Cemented there by anger, It holds fast with strands of hate. Burying deeper through jealousy, My darkness sealed my fate. It drinks in all the happiness, And feeds off all my fears. It quenches its thirst so often now, From the flow of steady tears. Each time I try to get away, It trips me and I fall, So here I lay helplessly, Just staring at the wall. Someday someone will find me, But the real me will be left hollow,. Only the shell of me will remain, And the crumbs of my life to follow. © 2018 Gerald Ealy