Year 2


2018 promises to be an adventure in writing. I met the first challenge to write last year. I hope to continue to be inspired.


Beautiful puppy you are so sweet, You wake us up when you want to eat, Your growling-howl noises are really quite neat, As you step on our faces with cold icy feet. Beautiful puppy you love to run, Chasing the old cat because it is fun, It must be how you stay skinny ‘cause you eat a ton, Until you fall asleep basking in the sun. Beautiful puppy we’re so glad we found you, You are so perfect in all that you do, Except when we step in a late midnight poo, Picking up doody is no fun it’s true. Beautiful puppy you’re part of our pack, You’re learning to play fight and attack, You chew on the big dog like she’s a snack. Having personal boundaries is something you lack. Beautiful puppy we welcome you home, To a giant backyard where you’re free to roam, You’re learning how to behave when you’re alone. And you’re every picture on my smartphone. Beautiful puppy you bring us much joy, As you bounce and you play with all of your toys, But that squeaky koala makes far too much noise, It crazy and loud and really annoys. Beautiful puppy sleep through the night, Nibble our faces at morning’s first light, We sure to love you with all of our might. You fit with our family, and fit in just right. © 2018 Gerald Ealy


Tempered in rain water, The earth finally gave, The drips of over eons, Hollowed out caves. The water saw places, No human could dream, Slipping between cracks, Disappearing in seams. Forced to the surface, By geysers and quakes, Rivers to oceans, The valleys it makes. The waters recycled again and again, No way of knowing, From beginning to end. The liquid once drank When dinosaurs reigned Now part of the land And coursing in veins. The cycle eternal. The cycle remains. The cycle continues, And does not refrain. From droplets moisture, Falling as rain. From teardrops, Falling from love and from pain, From dew on the leaves, Backlit from the sun, The cycle brings life To everyone.   © 2018 Gerald Ealy


Take flight, take flight! Don’t wait, you must do it tonight, The moon and the stars are shining bright. No fear, no fear! The time has come, the time is near. It time to escape the atmosphere, To float, to float! A celestial boat, And sail to galaxies remote. Quest of the ages. Frontiers unknown. Answer the question, Are we alone? Take flight, take flight! Launch into the night, Watch the Earth sink away from your sight. Write home with discoveries yet to be found, Away from the sky, away from the ground. Traveling in the void with no sound. Away from the noise of Humankind, On an adventure to someday, hopefully find. A chance to become more than body and mind. Behold the Universe and all that’s in it! Obtain an ultimate benefit. Reach out and touch the Infinite. © 2018 Gerald Ealy
© 2018 Gerald Ealy


Chimera! Chimera! The crowd pointed and shouted, No longer ignored, no longer was doubted, A terrible mix of  animalkind, What mix lives in its  heart? What stirs in its mind? Chimera! Chimera! The head of a lion, Which roared strong and fierce, The tail of a scorpion with poisonous pierce, With the paws of a bear, That rip and tear, What else must lie within? Chimera! Chimera! It’s over there being savage and wild, Take care that it doesn't gobble up your child, How to we defend from such terrible things, Dear Lord, it’s flying, it’s unfurled its wings, Chimera! Chimera! More appeared every day, They shifted their shapes, in different ways Then  something strange happened to the wild beasts, They vanished all at once when once they did feast. Chimera! Chimera! Where did they go? Did I tell you this happened long, long ago? Their natures still surface and violence ensues. They cannot be found behind steel bars of zoos. They didn’t really vanish, don’t tell, now hush. The Chimera transformed and they became us.. © 2018 Gerald Ealy