Year 2


2018 promises to be an adventure in writing. I met the first challenge to write last year. I hope to continue to be inspired.


What is the distance of love? When your fingers can't reach, Through the space of the breach, When you cannot see their face. Is it infinite or the width of a hair? That space that we share. When we cannot be there, To hold the hand of our love. Though it maybe miles, That separate smiles, The breath of your kiss, Still remains. What is the distance of love? Where the measure is in beats, Of moments so sweet, That their echos can fully sustain. The circle returns me to you. The distance between does not matter, In the hours and miles apart. The space is closed just a quickly. Rejoined just as soon as it starts. What is the distance of love? Those boundaries cannot be measured. The circle cannot be broken, Moments with you are so treasured. Even in time it's unspoken. © 2018 Gerald Ealy


Elliot the ocelot, lived it the jungle, And slept a lot. But he had a problem, And the problem was snot. He was allergic to cats you see, And that’s was he was, Unfortunately. Snot on his paws, And snot in his tail, He tried to clean it, And he’d always fail. When he slept, he’d blow bubbles, Which would pop on his face. He would sneeze and blow snot, All over the place. His whiskers were sticky, And his eyes were sore. His paws were gooey, And would stick to the floor. Elliot was sad as an ocelot could be, So he slept and blew bubbles, High in a tree. One morning he woke up and he was inside, The biggest snot bubble, Almost four feet wide. He pushed with his paws, But it did not break, Just then he realized, He made a mistake. The bubble rolled forward And Elliot yowled. Some animals had gathered, And he fell toward the crowd. Just then he stopped falling, And floated in the air. He yowled again, As the animals starred. Up he rose, With each plaintive cry, He cleared the trees, And flew up in the sky. Elliot was happy that he didn’t fall He was still trying to make sense of it all He blew a cool sigh of relief, And the bubble descended, To his disbelief. He soon discovered that he had control, The he flew his snot bubble too and fro. He landed the bubble as the others came near. He yowled with excitement, And the bubble disappeared. Elliot started to cry because it had been fun, And crying of course made his nose run. A new bubble formed out of his nose, He slipped inside and up, up he rose. He yowled oh so loudly, And the bubble popped. He landed and smiled From is squishy stop. “I want to fly” said a voice from the group.. Elliot was delighted to be part of a troop. His following took rides that Elliot made. They all landed gently in clear jungle glade. With careful instruction each animal flew, And each had great fun, Because they knew what to do. Elliot the ocelot, was no longer a menace because of his snot. He discovered a way to finally belong. Floating the animals above the Amazon. © 2018 Gerald Ealy


Measure for measure, I cannot count, The ways my heart beats for you. Measure for measure, day in and out, I only know what is true. That when I hold you my heart skips a beat, I feel that spark whenever we meet. Measure for measure, you cannot know, How you fill my days. Measure for measure, I die when you go, You complete me in so many ways. Your kisses are heaven, Your touch a delight. I need here with me, Every night. Measure for measure, I cannot delay, Nor deny the way that I feel Measure for measure, there’s so much to say, I know that this love is for real. Say that you’ll stay, Say you feel it too, Say that your heart is full, And that this love is true. © 2018 Gerald Ealy
© 2018 Gerald Ealy


Beware the heart of the betrayer, They whisper their tale so sweet. You must not believe what they tell you, It’s nothing but lies and deceit.   Beware the heart of the betrayer, The problem you see is so real, They wrap themselves within you, And twist all the ways that you feel. You won’t see is coming, You have no defense, You can’t find a reason, For why you’re so tense, Suspicion will grow And the faces you know, Will change from day to day. Your own thoughts betray you, The lies somehow seem true, But in your heart the truth fades away Beware the heart of the betrayer, The mirror reflects your face, You cannot hide from the betrayer inside, The betrayer has taken your place. You struggle to hold on so dearly, You almost can see who you were, The betrayer holds on so tightly, Your life before now a blur.   © 2018 Gerald Ealy


The world sighed, And the children cried, And the parents died, Even though they tried Something had died inside. As politicians lied, In comments cruel and snide, Their brains were fried . The world turned, And the cities burned, No soldiers returned, And nothing was learned Because history was spurned, As stomachs churned, No one yearned, Or was concerned, For everyone’s senses had been adjourned. The world awoke When the Truth was spoke, Hatred and jealousy was something to revoke. The life and liberty would begin to uncloak, No fire, no smoke, Only opened minds and goodly folk, Survived the days when neighbors would provoke. And the people healed what was once broke. © 2018 Gerald Ealy