Year 2


2018 promises to be an adventure in writing. I met the first challenge to write last year. I hope to continue to be inspired.


You cut me down, Without a sound. You cut me deep, And watched me seep. You cut that part, That held my heart, That kept me from falling apart. Now I am in pieces, As my life ceases. Now I am broken, Nothing but a token. Now the dirt covers me, Until there is nothing left to see. Why couldn’t you just let me be? I know this all sounds so bad, But don’t be to sad. Because in the in you’ll be glad. It’s not what it might seem, But a bit of a bad dream. You see this is about ice cream. It’s not fake , it’s cake. It fell into the dirt, From someone not alert. It’s not like it would have hovered, In it lies now in the dirt just covered. No one loves it anymore. Even though at its core, It’s still sweet. It lays melting into the street. © 2018 Gerald Ealy 
© 2018 Gerald Ealy
THE HATE OOZED Then the hate oozed out. Of every pore and hole, Every slit and mole. That festering, burning wrath. That shaking, quaking, Spasm of the soul, Simply for not reaching a goal. Hate fanned by bodiless words. Images on screens with no context, Urging violence unaware of what’s next. That evil reared its head. Twisting the memory and dream, To bear witness when there was none it seems. Only the hollow echo of horror unfounded. It was in the chamber when sounded. Worse than that hate, Was those caught in the wake, in the change of fate. No one can say. Only that little girls still pray. But that didn’t matter anyway. Justice will prevail. There’s confirmation. There is still time for the nation. Time enough for answered prayer Time enough for us to care. Love conquers hate every time It’s time to put down the sign. Look if you have eyes Find true answer to your whys. Using your mind to sort through the lies. Stop screaming at the sky. Banish fear with enlightened knowledge, Not of rhetoric from college. Find out for yourself, Open the book upon the shelf. For if you find the time to engage, There is no time for rage. © 2018 Gerald Ealy