Poetry of the Month NOVEMBER 2018
© 2018 Gerald Ealy

  11/02/2018    WEEK 44

THE WOLF IS AT THE GATE The wolf is at the gate , whimpering like a pup, But once you open it, it’s teeth will gobble you up. It’s face will change from a cowering sulk into a snarling grin, The second you loosen that latch it barges its way right in. The wolf is at the gate, it knows that some are weak, It dines on tears of sympathy and tender heart so meek. It’s so well practiced with its simple lies, It hardly even tries to use a disguise. The neighbors there across the pond have learned it all too late, The sons and daughters paid the price when they opened up that gate. The wolves stream in, in terrible packs, Turning the households into snacks. The residents act like it’s a surprise. When the household up and dies. The wolf is at the gate, with its pups in tow, Hoping that their mewling cries will let all common sense go. Their dewy eyes are meant to distract, As the parents mount the attack. The wolf is at the gate, with some of them inside, The pups grow up and slide the latch, doing so with pride. They howl for the right to be there, though none belong for sure, They growl in numbers louder, their intention no longer demure. The packs grow ever larger, but what’s one more wolf you say? Until the wolf pack finds you, ask again upon that day. There will no bargain, No scraps will feed the beasts, For when they are all upon you, It’s your family upon which they will feast. The wolf is at the gate, the warnings have been sounded The fence posts need reinforcement,new walls must be founded. Now it the time to act, there is no time to wait. Latch the latch and build the wall - the wolf is at the gate. © 2018 Gerald Ealy   

11/09/2018    WEEK 45

AND THEN I GREW I was once a mouse, Living in the hole in the house. But then I grew and became aware, That there was more know out there. I was once a cat, Though I was aware, I did not care, where I was at. But then I grew and the world was scary, Though I was bigger, I was also wary. I was once deer, My wariness was now mindless fear. I flinched and ran with every snap. I expanded my reach across the map. But then I grew and my mind stopped racing, My heart beat slower with even pacing. I am now human, My only thought is “I can”. No boundary to hold me in place, No apathy to curb my cause, No fear to venture into space, No limit to give me pause. I am full of love and hate, Of fear and joy and ponder fate. I am full of spirit and being, I look at shapes and find new meaning. I may have started small But then I grew to do it all. © 2018 Gerald Ealy