Poetry of the Month SEPTEMBER 2018

09/21/2108   WEEK 38 :


Here’s to the man in the street,

Who feels the defeat,

Everyday he looks in the mirror.

When he comes to realize,

And truly despise,

A system that drags him down.

Here’s to the gal in the shop,

Who just wants to stop,

And be with the family she loves.

As she stares at a screen,

Just a cog of the machine,

Of a system that does not care.

Here’s to the children,

With keys to the building,

Because their parents work day and night.

They fix their own meal

And have no time to feel,

Lost in their phones and their games.

Who is really to blame?

Here’s to the rage

At any stage,

Society screams into the void.

But the air doesn’t care,

And there’s nobody there,

So in echos they hear just their voice.

Here’s to the season,

When the voice of reason,

Finally shines once again.

When the system must change,

And faults rearranged,

And the cogs aline in the fight.

Here’s to the fighter

That pulls the all-nighter

So justice will finally prevail.

Where truth is made plain

Just as simple as rain,

The people become drenched and enlightened.

Here’s to you,

For all you do,

To bring balance and joy in your life

You shut out the noise of the world

With your spirit unfurled.

You conquer each day with your might.

You have the scars as you proof

As you wield the truth,

It shields you from all of the lies.

Here’s to you, you’re the change,

Although it seems strange,

You will align the system.

It’s no time for screaming

It’s a time for being,

Be present, engage with the truth.

Infuse with some knowledge,

Not found in a college,

But only found living your life.

Here’s to you with new focus,

And like a swarm of locust,

New warriors of truth will arise.

The forums will fade

With the lies that were made,

The media must come to yield.

Truth is truth,

Fake is fake,

Make no mistake,

Truth prevails in the end.

We are at war.

We fight to see what is true.

So, here’s to you.

© 2018 Gerald Ealy


© 2018 Gerald Ealy

  09/07/2018    WEEK 36

EMPTY-HEADED MALCONTENT You are an empty-headed malcontent, A vacuous hole with no content. You are scripted and conformed and continuously explain that you’re informed Your “information” is  talking point, Dreamt up from a long drag from a joint. Your feelings are no match for facts, My ears are ringing from personal attacks. It’s time I think to clear the haze And snap you all out from your daze. It’s time to work not to lament, Get your ass out of the basement. Pull your head out of your apps, Unless you’re using Google maps, To find your way to brand new job, Break free from the rule by mob. Time be an independent And put your feet onto the pavement. Investigate and challenge statement, I’ve got some news for you, Not everything on the Internet is true. Nothing is ever free Someone, somewhere pays the fee. A person’s labor has a price, Something “free” has sacrifice. Fill that empty head with truth, Don’t be conned, demand some proof. Words are cheap and easily spent, While actions are as concrete as cement. Look what people do. Do they follow through? Did it make it better for you? Are people screaming just to be heard, Even though what is said is absurd? Do they scream because they are losing something dear, Or is it hated born of fear Of a non-existent threat? Can they affirm with proof their fears are met? Or is it foundless rhetoric? The echo chambers are full. They only hear themselves as mobs rule. They scream against the tyrant. But they know nothing of real tyranny, And how they would be silenced for what was said. How those who spoke out Are now dead. Challenge your facts with truth. Can it stand in deep reflection? Is it nothing but misdirection? A lie cannot stand over time. But truth is more true No matter what you do. © 2018 Gerald Ealy

  09/28/2018    WEEK 39: 


  09/14/2018    WEEK 37


I know I should have known better,

I should have learned from my past,

You kept on changing positions,

You’re a low down snake in the grass.

I ignored all the signs that you gave me,

I was betrayed and gave you a pass,

You kept on striking me harder,

You’re a low down snake in the grass.

I know I should have just left you,

I know you’re a pain in the ass,

You charmed me with your sweet nothings.

You’re a low down snake in the grass.

I can’t stand the lies and how you deceive me,

I won’t stand in the shadow you cast,

You’re no longer that sweet Prince Charming,

You’re a low down snake in the grass.

I’m onto your bobbing and weaving,

I know your deceit couldn’t last,

You’ve just met your mongoose,

You low down snake in the grass.

© 2018 Gerald Ealy